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belize-film-stripBelize, formerly British Honduras, is a photographer’s paradise. Just a short 90 minute flight from the U.S., you’ll be immersed into prime neotropical birding habitat from the moment you step off the plane. Traveling English-speaking Belize is considered extremely convenient, given its good infrastructure for a small Central American country.

Although Belize is a relatively small country, it has an amazing variety of wildlife living in a wide range of habitats. The country’s savannas and lowlands are home to rare waterfowl, its forests provide a refuge for tapirs, pumas and numerous tropical birds, while the mountainous regions ensure a niche for elusive jaguars and other beautiful cats. There are approximately 145 species of mammals living in Belize. There are 139 species of reptiles and amphibians that have so far been identified in Belize, including 56+ species of snakes. Belize is also a birder’s paradise, with over 500 species of rare and beautiful birds thriving in its many distinct habitats.

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About Belize

Belize is a small country located on the north eastern coast of Central America.  It is the only country in the area where English is the official language, although Kriol & Spanish is commonly spoken.  With 22,960 square kilometers (8,860 sq mi) of land and a population of only 312,698 inhabitants Belize possesses the lowest population density in Central America.  Belize’s abundance of terrestrial and marine species, and its diversity of ecosystems give it a key place within the globally significant Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

Belize has a diverse society, comprising many cultures and languages. It is the only nation in the region with a British colonial heritage, but as a part of the Western Caribbean Zone, it also shares a common heritage with the fellow Anglophone Caribbean countries. In general, Belize is considered to be a Central American and Caribbean nation with strong ties to both the Caribbean and Latin America. Belize is known for its September Celebrations, and is the birthplace of chewing gum and Punta Rock.


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