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Newsletter #111

Newsletter # 111

White Pelican


Barred Owl Chicks

Snapping Gator




Upcoming Florida Adventures:

The Pontoon Putt
Strolls with the Pro
The Fotoboat




Your Success in getting to the wildlife, and having the opportunity to achieve an outstanding photograph, or your Success in just experiencing and enjoying the beauty and wonder of our natural world. Your Success in learning more about the nature of wildlife photography and the ‘how, whys, & wherefores. What is success? One definition the dictionary offers is that success means ‘a favorable result’. To me, there are five ingredients to success, or a favorable result especially when discussing wildlife & nature photography. They are: knowledge, experience, dedication, technique, proper equipment & passion. For many years I have strived to successfully achieve, nurture and maintain all six of these ingredients. My joy in life is sharing and passing on my successes to others and watching their ‘favorable results’, of which I have seen many. I’ll let my images speak for themselves, and boldly state that this is why you should want to join a Joanne Williams Adventure. This month I’m featuring information about the Florida Adventures—Pontoon Putt, and Strolls with the Pro.


First of all, let me be emphatically clear that I’m always available and willing to try and work around your schedules, especially here locally in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale area up to West Palm, west to Holiday Park & that part of the Everglades etc. I frequent the many wetlands, refuges, & wildlife reserves located in all these areas for ½ day and full-day workshops or “Strolls”. I’m delighted to travel further North to the Viera Wetland & surrounding areas, or more to the North & Central areas, or West to Ft. DeSoto and areas there, or to the Ft. Myers area. Of course I would have to plan it as an overnight trip or more as I encourage rising early and/or shooting until dusk as the light is usually downright beautiful and the wildlife usually active.


An all-time favorite and almost a 100% guarantee of great Success is my Pontoon Putt on the St. John’s River in and around the Deland area. I’ve been boating & photographing there for almost thirty years! I will quietly glide & guide you down secret little tributaries & logging runs with beautiful reflections, various species of birds & mammals, as well as our Florida alligators, frogs, lizards etc.


January thru May/June is my favorite time as weather is usually lovely, wildlife actively courting, mating, nesting, and/or babies are arriving on the scene, or hollering to be fed, or awkwardly attempting to fledge making for wonderful action shots. Hearing the unusual sounds of alligators courting will send shivers down your spine, but witnessing their gentle, loving interaction will have you in awe of the experience.


Historically I’ve found that it takes at least 4 days to ‘do the loop’ of spots to see and photograph. For those coming a long distance (or out of state), I recommend & have organized a four-day/four-nights trip with wonderful accommodations provided; healthy, hardy gourmet dinners, box lunches, & simple breakfasts (special diets are not a problem). There is a pool for quiet-time relaxation when the sun is too high or too low for photography. I keep my groups small so tripods can easily be used if needed on this 24 ft. boat, but I’ve also designed special bean bags for easy use in place of tripods. For the locals, with advance notice (to avoid overcrowding), I welcome ½ day or full-day participation during my four-day adventure. My professional assistance and/or instruction is always available, as well as group and/or individual critiquing of your work. The full four-day package is a wonderful value at $1,450.00, which includes all of the above. Private/tour/boating with the professional photographer/tour leader/teacher (me), all meals, & excellent living accommodations. One-half day excursions are $250.00 per person (no meals included) and full-day trips (with siesta-time during mid-day’s harsh light) are $375.00 (including a boxed lunch).


Right now, there is a firm date set beginning the morning of March 20 thru 23 rd (check-out morning of the 24 th). As stated before, I keep the group size very small to insure plenty of room for tripods, bean bags, & individual attention and instruction if needed. I recommend that if you are at all interested in the March trip and want space reserved, (or if you have any questions) that you call me directly on my cell (954) 914-5884 as soon as possible. If you would like to set up your own group tour with at least four participants for another date, I am open to make arrangements for that also.

Florida has wonderful wildlife and fabulous photographic opportunities if you know it’s secrets, which I have spent years discovering, and am bursting to share with my fellow enthusiasts!



A thought for today and my motto to anyone who will listen: “The only stupid question is the one NOT asked!!!”

A Happy New Year with tons of Shooting Success!!




If you are interested in any of my tours, click on their corresponding link below:



Photo Researchers, Editors, and Publishers:

As stated in previous newsletters, at no obligation to you, send me a “want list” of images you are looking for that may coincide with a trip I’m about to take, or have recently taken, and I’ll do my very best to seek out that subject and shoot it with your request in mind. This may save you some expense, give me a specific mission and possibly a sale of that image. It’s a ‘win, win situation’!

A quick reminder that my library of 35mm original slides houses approximately 75,000 images, and my digital library presently holds over 100,000 (and growing-hourly)!

My website holds an in-depth Stock Shop for your quick review:

Photographic Accessories

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“Keep Your Aperture Your Priority”

Purple Galinule Chick

Least Bittern Chicks

Young Moorhens & Slide Turtle
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