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Newsletter | Nov 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

Brazil 2012


A Pantanal photo (and/or ‘just viewing’) workshop and tour is unique in that it takes place in the world’s largest wetland. The photographic opportunities of the Pantanal are among the most abundant anywhere in the world! The wetland covers about 75,000 square miles, which is 10 times larger than the size of the Everglades, and is home to over 1000 species of birds, 360 species of mammals, 480 species of reptiles, 400 species of fish, and over 3500 species of plants. You won’t know which way to point your camera lens or binoculars! The colors and diversity of the wildlife in the Pantanal is something you truly have to see to believe. You will have a fabulous lifetime experience filling up your camera with breathtaking photographs of the wonders and abundant wildlife of the Pantanal. We will be traveling to various special areas of this beautiful wetland in our very own private vehicles. These areas we will be visiting were hand-picked by me with maximum opportunities for viewing and/or photographing in mind. These are my favorite spots due to the overall variety of birds and wildlife, & lovely scenics. Over the past several years, I have discovered new areas in the Pantanal that are special and produce even greater chances for spectacular photography conditions to exist! One of the many benefits of this trip, is that we will be living and shooting on privately-owned ranches that encompass thousands of acres in every direction.  This not only gives you great wildlife & scenic ‘opps’, but wonderful images of cowboys & ranch life. I have made arrangements to have specially designed vehicles with professional, experienced drivers and naturalist/guides to ensure we find the best possible locations and situations to photograph the wildlife in a comfortable, relaxed setting. We go to great lengths to provide you the ultimate  Pantanal experience for  photography or just touring.

Plans are in the works to include, as part of my early June tour, a trip to the Atlantic Forest area which sits right on the beautiful beach areas of the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Ninety-five percent of the world’s population of hummingbirds live south of the US & Mexican borders, and are easy for us to get to.  Ecosystems within the Atlantic Forest also include oceanic islands, mangrove swamps, marshlands, as well as high altitude meadows. This great diversity of ecosystems lend themselves to a richness of species, a large number of which are found nowhere else on earth (endemic)! Endemism of plants in the Atlantic Forests is around 40%. In comparison to the Amazon Rainforest, the Atlantic Forest  hotspot has a rich diversity of species. For example, the Atlantic Forest has 264 species of mammals, while the Amazon contains 353 mammal species but in five times the area! The country of Brazil is the world leader in primate diversity, with 25 of its 77 species found in the Atlantic Forest. However, primates are also 9 out of the 10 critically endangered mammals found in this hotspot. The Golden Lion Tamarin, whose numbers in the wild are estimated at only 1500, is one of the region’s most endangered primates.   Scenic photo-opps are multiple with the foothills & slopes of the Serra Do Mar, oceanic islands, mangrove swamps, marshlands, as well as high-altitude meadows—all full of critters of all shapes & sizes!


Hopefully, soon the dates will become definite.  In the meantime, consider saving the first portion of June (14-days usually). You might want to take a look at my new website open the galleries and take a peek at some of my images of parts of Brazil, but particularly the fabulous Pantanal.

“Keep Your Aperture Your Priority” & Happy Shooting!!




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