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Newsletter | Dec 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

More Pontoon Putts are Coming!

Newsletter 137

Report on the 2 Most Recent Pontoon Putts

The November PONTOON PUTTS were full of good weather almost everyday (one or two exceptions, but didn’t stop progress), wonderful wildlife (saw more manatees than I have ever seen in the last thirty years of exploring ‘my river’). I believe that most participants learned a few new things about photography & techniques….. I do offer any help I can give whenever asked, so don’t hesitate. The enclosed images are just a few of the great opportunities we had, and they should ‘speak for themselves’ & encourage you to join us someday when you can. I recommend you visit my website to see & learn more:

Future “Putts” & Other Photo Adventures Planned

At the moment, there are tentative plans for ‘Putts’ the first part of February (maybe, if I have minimum of four participants), March, and the first part of April. I am also open to working in and around dates with your own specific group or groups. If interested, just ask….(remember, “The Only Stupid Question is the One NOT Asked”!!)


The Kennedy Space Center Wildlife & Birding Festival Event

To All You Wildlife & Nature Lovers who either just use binoculars or a camera, or who are digiscopers (if there is such a word), or just enjoy it all via your very own eyes and ears, I highly recommend you do yourselves a giant favor & don’t miss The 16th Annual Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival of 2013! This event takes place in Titusville, Florida on January 23 -28,  2013 with most of the activities & exhibits taking place at the North Campus of the Brevard Community College. I will have my usual double booth full of hanging artwork-framed & unframed-, brochures regarding my tours to various parts of the world, as well as right here in Florida. There will be a sign-up sheet for a free-critique of your work (by appointment only). My four newly published  books “Strictly for the Birds of Africa”, “Strictly for the Birds of North America”, “Strictly for the Birds of Brazil” and “Treasures of Africa” will be on display and available for purchase at a special Festival price of $49, and my first book “Just Babies” for $39. They are also for sale on my website:

The Festival has asked me to conduct three In-the-field Workshops, which will take place early in the morning on Jan. 24th, 25th, & 26th. I will be giving the Festival my private cell number to give to those who sign up, as times and meeting locations may change from what is stated in the brochure. (I’ll be conducting my own “RECON” missions prior to the outings in an effort to optimize our luck in photographing the wildlife. The locations may differ from what is printed.) Once again I’ve been honored by the Festival’s ‘powers-that-be’ to be a Keynote Speaker. I cannot help but be very, very flattered by this request, especially considering my humble beginnings in this business!! My topic will be about all the Glamor, the Fame, and most of all, the Fortune regarding the business of wildlife & nature photography!  I believe I’ve even been asked to tell the Truth!! Here is a brief description of what you will see and hear if you choose to attend: “A factual pictorial & often humorous overview of my experiences while out in the field with Mother Nature’s treasures. I share some insights and life’s lessons learned along the way, especially that we should never take ourselves too seriously!” This event takes place on January 24th, 6:30-8:00 pm in the auditorium. I will make time for questions & answers, or please feel welcome to visit the booth anytime.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank any and all of you who have written such kind words about my work, or my efforts on your behalf, and to those who have joined me on my workshops and photo tours (some of you many, many times) as we ‘trekked’ across the globe, & documented the glorious world of Mother Nature. It’s been a fun journey for me all these years, & hopefully will be for many years to come. There is so much to be grateful for, so Please have a joyous Holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,




  and some of my special friends!

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