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Newsletter | Mar 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

Upcoming Tour Updates

Newsletter 144


The April “Putt” begins on Tuesday morning April 16th thru the 19th. There will be catered lunches & dinner provided, which is included in the total cost along with your room.

PhotographersThis is a wonderful opportunity to sit back as I quietly cruise you along many parts of the river and you can lazily watch the beautiful scenics, and reflections made while various birds feed among the flowering lily pads, call from the tree tops, or fly back and forth feeding their babies in the nest. A couple of you area locals have already signed on for a ½ day or full day “Putt”, & a couple of my fellow Belizean tour participants are also joining me! There is still room if you are interested. I will also share some of my photo tips to those of you interested in wanting to learn more (bring your manuals, please!!)



Leopard-on-branchJAMBO (Hello)!! Today I received two more sign ups for this fabulous 16-day Adventure/Safari!! The dates are September 5th thru September 20th (you can visit my website for full details). Recently I was asked this question… “where in the world of all the places I have traveled & led tours to is my most favorite?” The simple & quick & honest answer is none of them—-I loved & continue to love them all (or else I wouldn’t keep going back). However, my advice is; If you can only pick one spot on earth to visit, my recommendation is Kenya, Africa—or just Africa. Why is this??? A number of years ago I didn’t really know the answer, but could just ‘feel it’. There was something that made me ‘feel’ something unknown, something wonderful & good. Eventually, I figured it out—-thanks to watching the wildlife over the years—-it’s because I’m going home, back to where I really came from, back to the beginning of time for mankind…… I’ll leave it at that. IF Africa calls to you, and you want wonderful photographic opportunities—especially since I still stick to my policy of only two people per van (unless otherwise requested by families etc.), then you should consider my tours. You get 16 full days, the best accommodations with terrific healthy food, all the safety precautions & considerations I can come up with, the best driver/guides that are knowledgeable, educated, speak English, whom I’ve taught photo-basics to, and have been loyal friends to me & my clients for many, many years. My policy is still two people per van for maximum comfort and room for photo equipment (each van is an 8 passenger Nissan). All I can say is I’ve ‘fine-tuned’ this trip to the point where I’ve had certain clients come with me multiple times. PACK YOUR GEAR & LET’S GO TO THE DARK CONTINENT OF ADVENTURE!!!

“Keep Your Aperture Your Priority”


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