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Newsletter | Jun 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

African Tour Attractions

Newsletter 148

Among many of the varied attractions during my tours to Kenya is meeting the people of that country and learning about their varied cultures and lifestyles. The population of Kenya is over 43,000,000.


There are a total of about 42 different tribes, most of which have migrated from the western and southern part of Africa. The Kenyan tribes were mostly nomadic tribes and are an important part of the current population. One of the most famous tribes of Kenya is the Maasai. The members of this tribe live mainly in the southern part of the country as nomadic herdsmen and their livestock is by far the main source of livelihood. The Kikuyu tribe is among the oldest tribes of Kenya, compiled of several clans including Achera, Agachiku, Airimu, Ambui, Angare, Anjiru, Angui, Aithaga and Aitherandu.


The Samburu tribe is another well-known tribe in Kenya. They are a semi-nomadic tribe, which has similarities with the Maasai. The Samburu have a warrior-based society. Another important Kenyan tribe are the Turkana. It is the second largest tribe of Kenya and live in the northern part of Kenya. The Turkana people (both men and women) attach great importance to their clothing and jewelry, making them so very colorful to watch & photograph.  Apart from those tribes, there are a large number of other tribes in Kenya, each known for their own culture, clothing, dance, music, food, customs and traditions. Their unique cultures have given Kenya its cultural diversity and rich heritage, but unfortunately also a number of disputes.


As part of my tours to Kenya, I always include visits to a couple of villages.  The people are always friendly, warm and anxious to share their ‘space’ with us. They love to laugh and dance, often putting on a show —like the wedding dance.  The lead dancer always includes a few of us in our group to join them. Unwittingly, I’ve danced with many and later discovered it was the dance of marriage.  To date I believe I have five or six other husbands!!!


Join me, there is still time!


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