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Newsletter | Jul 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

My Recon Mission to Hungary & Slovenia

Newsletter 151

To my great surprise the twelve-day ‘recon’ trip was much too short to see all that this area of the world has to offer.  I’m not really sure (consciously) what I expected, but each mile held one pleasant surprise after another.

newsletter151-hungary-slovenia-1No doubt my subconscious thoughts were throw-backs to my early childhood days having overheard the adults discussing events of World War II and the plights & struggles of the European people.  I’m sure I would never have even thought of or considered taking this trip if we had not been approached at my booth by the representatives of a Hungary tourism group during the Kennedy Space Coast & Titusville Birding & Wildlife Festival.  My trip was a roaring success with one exception…..I didn’t take enough pictures, especially of the city of Budapest.  Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in all my travels.  The fabulous architecture & artistic statues are breathtaking, and loaded with the city’s & country’s history.


This city’s beauty is only enhanced by its location directly on the beautiful Danube River.  The reflections, especially at night time, are jaw-dropping.  I can only share a few images, as I often forgot to raise the camera and shoot the picture as my eyes were glued on the scene before me.  Maybe I have spent too much time out in the wilderness or boonies, and have lost my city-sophistication.  I don’t think so.  I think it is a case of the city of Budapest is downright gorgeous!  Now this was totally unexpected experience as I was invited to Hungary to view & photograph their birds & wildlife and to experience their tour operations, which I did.


The best way I can describe Hungary’s country side is to have you picture yourself driving around the countryside of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Upper-state New York etc.  As far as the eye can see are rolling hills of corn, wheat, barely, rolled bales of hay, and then boom, before your eyes are acres and acres and acres of six foot sunflowers.  It is downright breathtaking, awesome, and beautiful.  Sunflowers produce green-energy fuel, and therefore are grown everywhere possible adding to the scenic beauty of the countryside.

Well, due to all this lush farmland and what it produces, there are little critters (bugs & such), which attract our flying feathery friends, of which I was told there are over 400 species. My guides set us up in hides/blinds at certain locations—in front of ponds, or nests tucked in the side of small hills.  The blinds, some permanent, some portable, were comfortable with chairs and room for my big lens on a tripod & other gear.  Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous with a coolish breeze for most all of our visit.  The birds seemed quite tame and unafraid of the blinds or the clicks from the cameras.  The large white storks amazed me as they nested & raised their babies on top of electric or telephone poles in the middle of quaint little villages paying no attention to their human neighbors.

Plans are in-the-making for one of my tours to that part of the world about a year from now.  It no doubt will be a two-part tour with photography of the wildlife and visits to the city (as I can’t imagine not including a trip to see this great city).  I will keep you all informed via my newsletters as the departure date draws closer, but please feel free to let me know now of your potential interest.

Thank you and Happy Shooting or just Viewing!!!


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