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Newsletter | Aug 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

My Hungarian ‘Recon’ Mission Report

Newsletter 152

Welcome to the country of Hungary, a small central European nation of great beauty and history.   I’m not exactly sure what I expected to see, but was and am delightfully surprised & pleased with our experience.

newsletter152-hungary-slovenia-3Buda-Castle_HungaryPerhaps as a child I overheard about all the fighting & hardships that happened in Europe during those days of World War II and afterward.  Perhaps I overheard all about the suppression, starvation, and inhumane conditions that befell that area.  Whatever the reason, I was totally unprepared for the modern culture and beauty I encountered.  I’m not going to ramble on much, but will let my images ‘speak for themselves’ about what I had the joy of photographing.  However, I pause here to emphasize that in no way do my images ‘do justice’ to what you could see in reality!  The city of Budapest is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have ever traveled to, and I have traveled to ‘a few’!!  The best way I can describe the countryside of Hungary is to mention the rolling hills of North Carolina, the vast fields & green slopes of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and some of the mountains, fields & woods of Vermont.


Hungary is almost 36,000 square miles with ten (10) national parks, 145 nature reserves and 35 protection areas.  For as far as the eye can see there are fields of giant sunflowers reaching well up to six feet tall—-a breathtaking sight—-not to leave out the birds that are attracted to the area, as well as other spectacular fields of green.  The beautiful and famous Danube River runs from North to South providing views & opportunities to photograph all sorts of water birds, as well as adding wonderful reflections to the scenics.

The population of Hungary is almost eleven million.  There are many languages spoken there with English being one of them.  I had no trouble being understood or understanding as I moved around the country, but of course I had English speaking guides all the time.  The food was delicious and accommodations wonderful.

newsletter152-hungary-slovenia-1I am in the process of putting a tour together in or around the middle to the end of May or June.  If you have any interest, please let me know.

Enjoy this visual tour to Hungary!


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