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Newsletter | Oct 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

Kenya, Africa 2013 Tour

Newsletter 153

As I travel through Nature’s vast wonderlands of Florida, Brazil, Hungary, Madagascar, China, Japan, Belize, Ecuador & Africa, I am often asked what is my favorite destination—-an impossible question to answer.

newsletter153-africa-film-strip1However, an easy answer is available if the question is rephrased and I’m asked about areas with the most diverse & unusual wildlife subjects available to view and photograph.  All the above countries I’ve visited are special or I would not keep returning with my tours, but I cannot imagine going through life having never visited the continent of Africa (especially Kenya) with its wildlife that can be found nowhere else on earth!


Ballooning-over-KenyaI believe I have made somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 to 18 trips to the continent of Africa and at least 13 specifically to Kenya.  Kenya is a favorite destination for a number of reasons; the people are kind & friendly and care for their wildlife recognizing the value these creatures are to their personal lifestyles.  To my knowledge (& I did double check this fact), Kenya is also the only country on that continent that has issued to its park rangers a ‘shoot to kill immediately’ any poacher seen who might do harm to an animal or a tourist.   I’ve seen the positive results of that order in the quantity of wildlife that came back as soon as a year later, and of course, the personal safety of my clients & myself.  (It would do much better, especially if there was a limit put on the collecting of and distribution of ivory & if the Chinese would slow down their lust for ivory, which is the #1 cause of death to elephants & rhinos).

newsletter153-africa-film-strip2Kenya, and most all of Africa, is a wonderful experience if you love wildlife, love to see people and their lifestyles that are totally unlike yours, and most of all a fabulous place to expand your photographic portfolio, if you have one.  There are not too many guarantees we can make in life, but I can pretty much 100% guarantee a wonderful experience you will carry with you for a lifetime.

Happy Trails




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